Welcome to the website of CCP Hungary (KultúrPont Iroda)!

Our office was established in April 2000 in order to offer technical assistance in Hungarian to Hungarian cultural organisations about the Culture 2000 framework programme of the European Union. Since 2007 the Culture (2007-2013) framework programme has rotated the earlier one, but besides this change our activities has been expanding in these last years.

Any international cultural news or events are welcome in our weekly e-newsletter sending nearly 7000 people working in the Hungarian cultural sector.

As part of the Cultural Contact Points' network (CCP network) we are in daily contact with our fellow coordinators in 34 other European countries, therefore we can give the enquirers a hand with European cooperation on any cultural topic.

Besides our main activity, we also provide expert activities when organising cultural conferences or hosting a cultural prize. These can be seen on the Activitites page.

Should you have any questions of a cultural nature, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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KultúrPont Iroda is the official Cultural Contact Point for the Culture (2007-2013) Programme of the EU.
Its activity is supported by the European Commission and by the Ministry of National Resources.