Welcome to the website of Creative Europe Desk Hungary Culture Sub-programme
(Kreatív Európa Iroda Kultúra Alprogram)

By the decision of the European Comission, in the next seven years in 2014.2020, Culture, MEDIA and MEDIA Mundus programmes will be merged into one, which is called Creative Europe Program. For this reason, the Cultural contact Point of Hungary, and the MEDIADesk Hungary has merged also under the name of Creative Europe Desk.

Any international cultural news or events are welcome in our weekly e-newsletter sending nearly 7000 people working in the Hungarian cultural sector. 

As part of the Creative Europe Desks' network (CED network) we are in daily contact with our fellow coordinators in 36 other European countries, therefore we can give the enquirers a hand with European cooperation on any cultural topic. 

Besides our main activity, we also provide expert activities when organising cultural conferences or hosting a cultural prize. These can be seen on the Activitites page. 

Should you have any questions of a cultural nature, please don't hesitate to contact us.